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‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’ from Beverley Martin - entirely distinctive

(March 23, 2014)

The minute some albums open you know who it is without looking for the cover, hearing ‘that’ Beverley Martyn - The Phoenixlyric hook or waiting for a memorable melody, with Beverley Martin’s new album The Phoenix and the Turtle’, that entirely distinctive voice is all you need. It could be no one else. Beverley describes The Phoenix and the Turtle’ as a ‘personal album’, and anyone familiar with her work will agree. The album ranges across a selection of songs from ‘early days’ to ‘previously unrecorded’. For fans of Beverley’s music this is not just an outing for old material it’s a rare and precious treat.

With an album such as this some of the ‘greatest and the best’ will always be included, so will some rare and possibly undiscovered gems. ‘Reckless Jane’ a Nick Drake and Beverley Martyn song, appears with its poignant narrative, the brutal truth of ‘Women And Malt Whiskey’ is a slightly more than faint biographical reference to John Martyn, while ‘Going To Germany’ and ‘When The Levee Breaks’ recall early days with The Levee Breakers. Thankfully, the gently hypnotic ‘Sweet Joy’ is included as are the emphatic ‘Nighttime’ and the evocative ballad ‘Jesse James’.

The first recording from Beverley in 14 years, ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’will become yet one more landmark in a memorable career. Joining their talents with Beverley’s are Matt Malley (bass) Victor Bisetti (drums). Release date 21 April 2014 through Proper Distribution – Beverley’s website:

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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