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‘Waking’ from Lucy Kitchen - secure in its independence

(March 30, 2014)

‘Waking’ from Lucy Kitchen has a defined attraction, part of its allure is its wealth of contradiction. Softly sung, almost fragile sounding vocals oppose their considerable power. Elusive melodies, Waking Lucy Kitchenornamented with enchanting accents contend with simple musical webs. There’s even a harkening memory in Lucy’s tone that evokes memories of many voices, yet these self-penned songs and her approach stand secure in their independence. The enticement also lives in the way Lucy uses her voice to range between tender song and almost ‘spoken’ expression weaving her way through the messages, fitting emotion perfectly to content.

From the drowsy lyrics of the title track ‘Waking’ with gentle guitar and tinkling bells, a more conscious recognition of hard experience flows through ‘Strangers’ into a less hesitant though perhaps more questioning ‘Here’. These songs make statements and ask questions – evidenced between the alternating anxiety, hope and ultimate knowledge of ‘Stolen Crown’and the impassioned requests in the string-driven ‘Tide’.

Without doubt ‘Waking’ gains strength with each play, revealing more of itself every time.

Lucy Kitchen (vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, glockenspiel, melodica, percussion0 Jason Reeve (drums) Dylan Clarke (bass) Matt Tarling (violin, viola) Nick Tann (bass) Kelly Jo Peters (cello).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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