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'Turn the Corner' from Colum Sands - entwining heritage and tradition

(March 31, 2014)

The wandering Irish troubadour is as constant as the North Star and as welcome as the sunrise, Colum Sands Turn the Cornerand as long as sun and stars shine in the sky such folk will regale eager audiences with their meaningful tales of wisdom, wit and woe. With his latest album 'Turn the Corner', Colum Sands continues to reinforce his long-established position among those singer-songwriters that entwine the heritage and tradition of their native country into stories about life, love and homeland.

As in all his work, there’s the quiet humour, incisive lyrics and subtle art of relating serious, sorrowful and joyful stories. Creating tales that take in the best and worst of life, Colum’s softly delivered vocals, music soaked in the Irish tradition, hold your ear and add a special empathy to his songs. Finding delights on ‘Turn The Corner’ is no hard task – there’s the delightful expression and soft enjoyment of ‘Lazy Hill’, the perfect ‘Their Spirit lives On’ telling the sad tale of the 1899 Armagh Train Disaster and the sharply observant lyrics and convivial counsel of ‘Annie I Owe You’.

Throughout his songs, Colum crafts a lyrical edge that cuts with the soft slash of a sabre “… half the world dying from eating too little and half from eating too much.” All you need to do is listen to ‘Turn The Corner’, ‘Two Angry Dogs’ or ‘Walls and Willows’ and you’re sharing his poetry and music.

On 'Turn The Corner’ Colum (vocals, guitar, mandolin, concertina, double bass) assembled an impressive list of musicians to add their talents across selected tracks Claire Byrne (uilleann pipes) Steve Cooney (didgeridoo) Nuala Curran (cello) Gerard Farrelly (piano) Brian Finnegan (whistle) Maggie MacInnes (clarsach) Anne Sands (backing vocals, bodhran) Ben Sands, Tommy Sands, Sinead Stone (backing vocals) and Karen Tweed (accordion).

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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