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'Gemini' from Boho Dancer - impressions of lurking shadows

(April 01, 2014)

There’s an echoing memory about Boho Dancer’s brand of folk on ‘Gemini’, it’s not quite ‘heard this Boho Dancer -gemini-before’, more ‘who do they remind me of?’ Also, while listening I constantly asked myself ‘what does this want to be?’ Some of the tracks lean towards alternative, pastoral folk, some charge headlong into folk-pop, others slope into primeval psych-folk. And try as I might, the echoes of memory and that question never really left me. 

‘Gemini’, exudes a noticeable Nordic darkness. The lyrics are gloomy. There’s always the impression of shadows lurking in corridors and the music constantly conjures its presence.  Does it explore folklore and legends? Not really. Does it evoke a tinge of Scandinavian sadness? Sometimes. Is it an experimental exercise? It could well be just that. And that is part of the problem. There’s the feeling that it’s testing rather than enchanting the listener.

Gemini could be described as folk-pop when you hear tracks like ‘Fictional Reasons’ complete with snappy percussion, punchy bass, rousing chorus and awash with potential hooks. ‘Like Rain’ is more or less mellow, easy-going, perhaps mournful, then ‘Slept On A Silver Platter’ tends towards a wavering orchestral approach with lamentations and chants. The more it progresses the more it obscures rather than offers. The new tracks on this ‘bonus version’ are ‘Me & Your God’, strange with distorted instruments and faintly disturbing vocals, ‘Pistols’, equally unsettling and negative in its lyrics, and ‘Good Vibrations’ that really is just more of the same morbid musical meandering.

This album is apparently an extended version of an original plus three ‘bonus tracks’ set for UK release in May 2014 - and it doesn’t really know its identity. I’m sure it will attract many to its diverse ramblings. Unfortunately, I found listening to it difficult and disjointed.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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