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‘Strings Attached’ by 3 Boxes - a musical melange by masters of their art

(April 07, 2014)


Three Boxes - Strings Attachedthere’s always a chance … and have you ever noticed just sometimes what you expect turns out to be anything but what you expect? If you have any preconceptions about this album prepare to shed them now. The album ‘Strings Attached’ from 3 Boxes is described as ‘an eclectic mix of musical styles’ – I would change that to an unexpectedly sparkling dose of revitalised folk, jazz, blues – plus whatever else you choose to hear meandering through this melange played by masters of their art.

Between them Clive Gregson, Mark Griffiths and Andy Roberts have pretty much walked their way through every guitar style on the planet and laid down a few techniques of their own. The list of names they’ve played with would include more than a few pages from the ‘musical names you must know’ book. Add producer John Wood to that mix, to capture the dynamism and sheer presence of their music and ‘Strings Attached’ is more than an album of guitar music it’s an iconic statement.

The sheer expanse of innovation, depth of expertise and unmatched dexterity on display is mind-boggling. Tracks that stand out are many – ‘the deliciously laid back‘The Last Goodbye’ and sombrely beautiful ‘All the Pretty Little Horses’, the lightest touches of humour and singular dexterity of ‘No Parrots in Tescos’ and ‘Fat Englishmen With Tattoos’ – the list only ends with the album.

So when someone offers you ‘Strings Attached’ (release date 21 April) don’t hesitate, grab it along with a few beers, settle down and let it wash around you.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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