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‘Marek's Camp’ from Supine Orchestra - distinctive style, lyrically superb, laconic edge

(April 09, 2014)

There’s something to be said for grafting away at your art without undue screaming and shouting, then again it doesn’t hurt to give your own trumpet a bit of a blow from time to time. Alternatively, youSupine Orchestra - Mareks Camp can just keep on keeping on and let the music speak for itself. That approach may not result in a stellar launch, then again it rarely results in equally spectacular oblivion. ‘Marek's Camp’ the third album from Coventry-based Supine Orchestra reflects the ‘grafting approach’ and in my view it’s the best of their output so far.

Laid back is one description of this duo, perhaps nonchalant and tranquil could apply equally. However unperturbed their sound may be, their lyrical inventiveness and pertinence comes not from casual concepts, to achieve their biting observations demands considerable contemplation. These songs are the result of concerted effort. Supine Orchestra quietly beaver away forging their distinctive style and building lyrically superb songs delivered with a laconic edge that entices you into their music.

The subject matter on ‘Marek's Camp’ ranges from invitations to go out drinking, looking wrecked over breakfast, the smell of fresh rain on the earth and seeing someone stabbed to death by Satan in their underwear – each one a compelling narrative. Themes of affection mix with pragmatism, friendship blends with cynicism, sensibility with sarcasm. And there’s acid sharp lyrics throughout.

‘Brighton Breakfast’ examines the less than perfect side of life: “There’s seagulls in my stubble and the nicotine is yellowing my toast.” The upbeat ‘Grand Union’ offers an invitation to relish, and the brilliant ‘Bucketful Of Ordinary’ presents more lyrical perspicacity: “Mine is a bucket brimming with ordinary. Yours is a halo of low wattage bulbs.” For sharp sarcasm you need look no further than ‘Black Funky Metal’ or to find gentle understanding, the sentiments of ‘Nice For Jorge’.

Supine Orchestra – Rich Sykes (strums, mumbles, grumbles and writes) and Joel Kendrick (multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer) have created a fine album with ‘Marek's Camp’. You can find Supine Orchestra here: … and you should.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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