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‘Here Between’ - Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys - a ‘taster’ and the ‘taste’ will appeal

(April 09, 2014)


Here Between EP Lindsay Loufamiliar with their style then this could take you by surprise. Many bands write original music and self-penned songs ‘in the tradition’ and there’s tradition a-plenty in this music, however Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys add their own distinctive edge. This time they’ve included more independence and moved the fence further out from the boundaries of heritage to blend a new, heady and ultimately intoxicating brew.

‘The Fix’ opens and rattles you into the special sound this quartet generate and you’re immediately wrapped up in Lindsay Lou’s voice, ‘Into Words’ extends her vocal range ever further and sets you up to experience the wider musical scope of the band. There’s also a deeply moving cover of May Erlewine’s ‘The River Jordan’ and suffice to say the minute you listen you fall under its spell.

Along with Lindsay Lou, The Flatbellys are Joshua Rilko (mandolin) Mark Lavengood (dobro) PJ George (bass) and Patrick M'Gonigle (fiddle).

As with all EPs this can only be a ‘taster’ and I’m pretty sure the ‘taste’ will appeal. All we have to do now is wait for the full album to arrive. Not too long I hope.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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