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'Earth And All The Universes' - Marvin B. Naylor, delve into fantasy tales to discover their depths

(April 21, 2014)

One way to ensure you convey the scope of your album is an all-encompassing title. How about ‘Earth And All The Universes’? Doesn’t get much wider does it? That’s the latest album from Earth And All The Universes Marvin B NaylorMarvin B. Naylor, he of such inscrutable and previously puzzling albums as The Last Flight Of Billy Balloon and The Stargazer’s Symphonium – impossible to categorise, bizarrely intricate and at times unfathomable. This latest release continues the trend. ‘Earth And All The Universes’ encapsulates wildly rushing layers of thought that have gone before and adds even more perplexing content to create another soundscape that lurches through folk and rock towards psychedelia and back through surreal and mystifying to leave you satisfied though exhausted.

From the ethereal opening of ‘For Sleeping Angels’ through the darker sweep and ominous lyrics of ‘The Never Delivery Of Yesterday’ and the echoing ‘Diaphenia’ with its gentle counsel to the string-driven sweep of ‘Little Bell’ you share the unrestricted expanses of Marvin B. Naylor’s world and universe.

This album takes you on a convoluted journey with a cornucopia of sounds and images that will at times move faster than your thoughts, and that is half the attraction, running to catch up and playing a track again just to be certain you heard what you heard. The other half of its inscrutable attraction is delving into its fantasy tales to discover their depths. Take note however, this is one of those albums that take time. First hearing dosen’t even scratch the surface. To fathom and ultimately to enjoy this, you need to take the trip a few times, because you’ll find more enticements with each excursion.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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