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‘Trees Turn to Fire’ by Jon Budworth - individual voice and a deftness of touch

(April 26, 2014)

There’s an axiom that delivery can make or break a song, you only have to listen to a million Jon Budworth Trees Turn to Fire‘covers’ that don’t quite make it to realise the truth in that statement. However, when an artist with distinctive vocal delivery and musical dexterity creates fine original songs you know the difference immediately. Listen to ‘Trees Turn To Fire’ an EP by Jon Budworth and you’ll hear what I mean. An individual voice and a deftness of touch on guitar combine to deliver songs worth investing less than the cost of a pint to own.

Jon offers six tracks on ‘Trees Turn To Fire’, four self-penned and two traditional. He clearly knows his way round his chosen instrument, and along the way writes a mean and memorable melody. As often-expressed on this site, EPs are one way of offering a ‘taster’ that hopefully leaves the audience wanting to try more. Well I reckon if you try this you’ll want more.

The title opener ‘Trees Turn To Fire’ is a brief blast of scintillating folk-pop with an instant hook, even the ominous lyrics of sleepless nights in ‘3am’ come with a lilting melody, while ‘When Will My Harvest Come Home’ takes a sombre turn, again with those engaging vocals. The trad. arr. side includes the lingering ‘Searching For Lambs’ and the emigration tale of ‘Paddy’s Lamentation’. Jon is currently planning a UK tour for August/ September and you should consider going along, if this EP is any indication of the man's musical calibre.

‘Trees Turn To Fire’ also features Bernard Cromarty (accordion - ‘3am’ and ‘Searching for Lambs’ and Elliot Moore (violin, viola – ‘Trees Turn To Fire’ and ‘Searching for Lambs’).

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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