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‘The Moon Loses Its Memory’ from Cormac O Caoimh - music with a personal touch

(May 01, 2014)

When you hear an album sometimes something magical reveals itself, even so there remains a moonlosescover_BIGfear the follow up album might not scale the heights once gained. That initial charisma may shine brightly once and then never again. Having spent a day or so in the company of ‘The Moon Loses Its Memory’ from Cormac O Caoimh, I’m more than pleased to tell you that his music has moved forward, grown in stature, expanded its scope and the result is a fine piece of work. This is one album you should not ignore.

The music still retains its personal touch, and even with its slight edge of introspection it remains readily accessible, musically inspired and lyrically complete. These songs capture your attention and refuse to release it - from the rhythmic and vocal connections in ‘Maze of Your Heart’ and ‘Yellow Crumbs’ through the potent title track ‘The Moon Loses Its Memory’ to the wistful imaginings of ‘Man of Sand’ a subtle enchantment pervades the album. No background music this, you’re always drawn deep into its appeal, from its sparkling melodies to its poetic lyrics – listen to the multi-layered ‘Morning’, the faintly ominous ‘Basement’ or the delicious ‘Silver As Mercury’ and all becomes clear.

‘The Moon Loses Its Memory’ from Cormac O Caoimh (vocals, Godin guitars) builds its allure around 14 self-penned tracks and features Cormac O’Connor (bass, drums, keyboard, Telecaster) Colum Pettit (violin) and Aoife Regan (vocals). The CD digipak comes with a sumptuous 16-page booklet featuring a full set of lyrics plus 14 photographs by William Crowley, each matched to a song.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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