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‘Heart of Steele’ - EP by David Diers - wide ranging style and idiosyncratic delivery

(May 06, 2014)

‘Heart of Steele’ from David Diers of Austin, Texas - nothing if not unexpected. A combination of Heart of Steelewide ranging musical style and idiosyncratic delivery that takes a bit of getting used to. From the folk-punk tinged, violin-driven Celtic echo of‘Drinking for Catherine’, through the energetic angst of bluesy, country-edged ‘Truth, Justice, and the American Way Blues’ to ‘Deeper’, with more than a nod to Jamaican-influenced reggae overlaid with stringed exploration, there’s nothing predictable here.

Its swift pace of dichotomy takes you by surprise with musical contrasts that dissent rather than complement, but that offers an attraction of sorts, it just takes some time. Take for instance, the strange humour and slightly frantic vocals of ‘BLT - Big Latin Thing’ (a passing manic tribute to Antonio Banderas) then the experience of yet another step-change into ‘Followed You So Far’ with its heartfelt confusion laid around dealing with faded love. And then to complete the EP, there’s a return to burgeoning folk rock through ‘Heart of Steele’ complete with machine gun drumming, roaring violin and a raucous collective chorus.

‘Heart of Steele’ is eclecticism expounded. It mashes together a host of influences from contemporary to roots, sweeping across styles and genres. At times rough and ready, other times deftly prepared - this will either grow on you or confuse you.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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