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‘Attuned’ by Gillian Boucher - elemental vibrancy and unadorned simplicity

(May 06, 2014)

Cape Breton fiddler Gillian Boucher has long-ranked on my list of favourite artists. There’s an Attuned-Album-Coverelemental vibrancy to her music, augmented by an unadorned simplicity that belies its intricacy. Just listening to her latest album, albeit somewhat belatedly after its release, reinforces all I’ve ever felt about her work. ‘Attuned’ is an album that wholly encapsulates and presents her consummate talent to its fullest extent. Should you not know Gillian's work this will serve as the definitive introduction and in the way of such things, become a fixture on your regular playlist.

As ever, Gillian weaves the roots of tradition around the shoots of contemporary to create a collection of tunes that captivate and resonate. Hear this album once and it will touch you and thread its exquisite allure into the fibres of your soul. There’s the delight of ‘Feisty Farrel O’Gara’, the symbiosis between Gillian and Seph displayed through ‘Jigeroo’ and the eye-wateringly beautiful slow air ‘Neil Gow’s Lament’. Start-to-finish, the breadth of expression is stunning – ‘Reeling’ steps spritely through fiddle, guitar and bodhran, ‘Oer the Moor Among the Heather’ extends a soft embrace and ‘Austrian Jig Set’sets a seal to a fine album.

The enchantment and creativity of ‘Attuned’ is provided by Gillian Boucher (fiddle) Seph Peters (steel string guitar, nylon string guitar) and Mark Currie (bodhran).

 Reviewer: Tom Franks

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