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‘Bottlefed’ from Noam Weinstein - an engrossing journey

(May 06, 2014)

Noam Weinstein may not be a name readily known to everyone, but once you hear his music Bottlefed Noam Weinsteinit’s a fair bet you won’t forget him. There’s strong lyrical intensity, rock solid instrumentation and enduring melodic attraction. And his new album ‘Bottlefed’ follows the trend. If anything there’s more depth and a widening scope in this latest offering, the artist is growing in stature and the albums take you on lengthier and increasingly more engrossing journeys.

‘Bottlefed’  opens with the ‘wash’ of an ultrasound heartbeat and follows with laid-back, quiet lyrical reflection to bring out the hope and expectation of ‘Childproof’ – every parent experiences the same emotions. Intense guitars bring on ‘Avatars’,a harder rocking track with slightly sarcastic observations, while ‘I Surrender’ slides into a softly embracing melody with its more pensive examination of experience.

The lyrical charisma of Noam’s songs is considerable. They are given life by his individual vocal style that coasts effortlessly between emotive embraces through laconic brevity to enthusiastic exuberance. There’s personal sentiment, meaningful encounters and life-incidents wrapped up in these songs. Conversely, there's also a sharpness in Noam’s views that reach out to grasp your attention - listen to ‘The 80s’ and I’m ceratin you’ll identify, or reflect on the essential truths of ‘Milk Talking’and tell me it doesn’t hit a tender place. The high spots are many, for me they include the resounding ‘Boomerang’, the energy of ‘Til The Comet Comes’ and the joy of‘Pretty in Camouflage’

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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