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‘The Last Thing We’ll See Is The Sea’ by Funke and The Two Tone Baby – solidly original

(May 06, 2014)

The latest release from Funke and The Two Tone Baby (the somewhat eccentric yet distinctive The Last Thins Well See Is The Seaperforming name of Daniel Turnbull) is a four-track EP entitled ‘The Last Thing We’ll See Is The Sea’ and despite its brevity it’s as deeply absorbing in its innovation, experience and originality as the preceding album ‘Battles’.

The gregarious blend of expression that pervades this work incorporates blues, folk and rock to forge a powerful mix - a solid, mind-expanding presence of steam-train power and force that takes no prisoners - from its uncompromising sound-barrage of multi-layered instrumentation to its all-embracing, savagely interpretive vocals. This one-man delivered combination of guitar, harmonica, loop pedals, beatbox, effects and vocals pours out a wall of sound that sweeps you away.

Innovative is an oft-used word. In this case it’s precisely the word. You could add ground-breaking, pioneering or imaginative but more expressly this is simply unique. It’s also primal its magnetism. Opening proceedings ‘The Great Storm’takes those familiar with Funke and The Two Tone Baby straight into accustomed territory, driving rhythms, full-on funk, soaring melodies and those rasping, raunchy vocals. There’s no easing the pace as ‘Never Used To Dance’ continues to push hard with its energy-soaked vitality and waves of pure fervour, before the slightly slower but no less potent dynamism of ‘Wasting My Love’ makes its considerable authority felt. The closing track ‘Darkest Of Days’ occupies its place with juggernaut-like proportion, slashing harmonica, pulsating drums and an ominous feel that hits well below the belt.

This is strong stuff, 100% proof - there's just not enough of it - another album soon please.

All tracks on ‘The Last Thing We’ll See Is The Sea’ are written and performed by Funke And The Two Tone Baby’ (aka Daniel Turnbull) with Steve Moore contributing drums on ‘Darkest Of Days’. The EP releases on 16 June 2014. More information and pre-orders here: www.funkeandthetwotonebaby

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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