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‘Country Mile' from American Nomad is a comprehensively fine album

(May 14, 2014)

When your first reaction is ‘these guys have really got something’ it’s a fair bet the album is set to Country Mile from American Nomadbecome a semi-permanent fixture on your sound system. I’ll state at the outset that ‘Country Mile from acoustic band American Nomad, is a comprehensively fine album. There’s copious volumes of deep-rooted Americana folk-blues pouring through its traditions, there’s also some soundly written original touches built on a contemporary feel that catches from the first.

‘Country Mile’ features eleven self-penned songs plus two excellently-delivered covers. Writing their utterly relevant songs about real-life experiences, incidents and occasions, American Nomad deliver mouth-watering narratives, accomplished musicianship, layered harmonies and driving hook-laden rhythms. From the strong historical narrative of‘1849’ through the hauntingly delivered tale of ‘Country Mile’ and the softer longing of ‘New Heights’ to the relaxed, laid back enthusiasm in 'Love Of My Life Tonight' and the mournful, petitioning reality of ‘Legions Of War’ there’s an unbroken line of alluring songs. As for the covers, there’s a rare and beautiful take on Martha Scanlan’s ‘Hallelujah’ and I seriously doubt that Ray Lamontagne is in any way disappointed with their view of ‘Big Boned Woman’.

Playing on ‘Country Mile’ are Hassan El-Tayyab (guitar, lead vocals) Shiloh Parkerson (guitar, leads vocals) Ryan Lukas (stand-up bass, harmony vocals) Matt Crimp)violin) Mikiya Matsuda (pedal steel, dobro) Mike Daillak (drums) Patrick Sauber (banjo) Tristan Clarridge (violin, cello) Laurie Lewis (guitar) T Sisters (harmony vocals) Kathy Kallick (harmony vocals) and Spencer Jarret (harmonica).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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