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‘Hazy Sunshine’, Dennis Ellsworth – an album of considerable presence

(May 18, 2014)

I first came across Dennis Ellsworth through Dusk Dreams back in 2012, and now here comes ‘Hazy Sunshine’, released here 6th June 2014 to coincide with a UK-wide tour. And although thisDennis Elsworth album is a long way beyond where he was before, if you’re at all prone to falling under the spell of lusciously laid back Canadiana then this album is for you and a you really should make a date on the tour. The album positively oozes opulence, through its considerable presence and effectively blends folk and roll, country with overtones of rock and in the process lays down a richly layered collection of hook-laden, optimistic and reflective personal songs.

Opening with the superb positivity of ‘Things I Want’, the album leads you through the languid ‘Coke Machine Glow’, the resonant truth of ‘Let It All Out’ and awash with pathos ‘If I Find the Truth’. As far as my money is concerned, the title‘Hazy Sunshine’ fairly pours its soul into yours and you’re at one with the vocals and music – a gem of a song; while the poignant deliberation of ‘Harry Nilsson’s Heart’ touches places few songs can reach.

Playing alongside Dennis Ellsworth (guitar, vocals) on ‘Hazy Sunshine’ are Kinley Dowling (violin, viola, backing vocals) Alan Dowling (drums, percussion) Matthew McQuaid (bass) Micheal Johnston piano, organ) Chris Brown (piano, organ) Tim Bovaconti (guitar, e-bow guitar, slide guitar) Saam Hashemi (samplers, tape echo, additional guitar, backing vocals) Josh Fnlayson (baritone ukulele, backing vocals) and Andy Maize (backing vocals).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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