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‘The Heavy Mind Sessions’ - a live-recorded EP from Daniel Glover

(May 19, 2014)

‘Possibly the toughest trade in the world and probably the hardest. No not bomb disposal or shark The Heavy Mind sessions - Daniel Gloverrepellent testing. It’s belonging to the ‘one-man-and-guitar’ fraternity. Even before the CD begins to spin, half the listeners will make up their minds. Already, the artist is confronted with a hill to climb. It’s a trap that artists and listeners fall into with regularity. Listening to The Heavy Mind Sessions’ a live-recorded EP from Daniel Glover I set my ears and mind to ‘wide-open’ to avoid such traps. And I’m pleased that I did.

The initial impression and the overriding impact is the voice. Sure the guitar moves throughout to embellish the melodies and add an edge to the songwriting but more than anything else there’s ‘that voice’. Brimming over with raw emotion, punching hard and taking the listener straight into his songs, Daniel’s vocals add so much. Sometimes the power overcomes the lyric but that’s not an issue and no reflection on the vocal clarity. The essence of how this man 'says what he says' carries more weight than catching every word. Now I know that more than a few people will disagree with that statement, not a problem, although next time a lyric sheet would be good.

There’s ‘Chase Our Dreams’ for starters and instantly the voice has your attention, slipping into ‘Old Flame’ the strength of the vocals let rip with a hardened bluesy cut as the lyrics move between demand and need between crescendos. The title track ‘Heavy Mind’ builds its message from easy-going insistence to a full-blown concentration-grabbing onslaught (with possibly the cleanest vocal) while ‘Good Old Days’ and ‘Wasting My Life’continue to deliver the muscle of the message.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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