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‘Let It Slide’ - new EP from Sarah Proudfoot - promise worth keeping in mind

(May 23, 2014)

Listen to ‘Let It Slide’ the new EP Sarah Proudfoot, and you’ll hear an artist combining the ability to write moving songs with the capacity to deliver the vocals in a way that amplifies the message.Sarah Proudfoot - New EP As well as writing extremely personal songs, constructed to appeal beyond an insular personal world, Sarah lays down softly engaging, acoustic melodies. Often with EPs you barely get enough to absorb the artist’s true potential, here there are six songs to savour, so if ‘Let It Slide’ is anything to go by Sarah has promise worth keeping in mind.

The melodic title track, ‘Let It Slide’ examines its attitude of defiance in a style so gentle you may not hear the strength of determination in the lyrics. The lyrical sway continues through ‘Mind Games’ with its soulful vocals, the more reflective feel of ‘Dreams’ and the absorbing tenderness of ‘Follow You’‘Winter’ echoes a touch of Americana, while ‘Barriers’rounds out the subtle appeal of Sarah’s music.

To my ears, the opening and closing tracks, ‘Let It Slide’ and ‘Barriers’ are by far the strongest on offer, more immediately attractive and standing out from the rest. If there’s more to come and I hope there is, then Sarah’s an artist with places to go.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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