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‘On Seeds and Shoes’ by Jim Evans - music from the heart

(June 01, 2014)

There’s a stripped back simplicity to this powerful coming together of gut-felt words and instinctive Jim Evans On Seeds and Shoesmusic from Jim Evans, singer, songwriter, guitarist and banjo player. This is music from the heart, primal as the pull of heritage, deep-drinking as long-lived roots, its reflection of tradition given life by its blend of folk, blues and country. And no this isn’t from across the pond, this is American folk from Bristol, England; but if you had to place a bet you could be forgiven for being several thousand miles off beam. 

There’s a laid-back feel, an almost terse delivery. Nothing there that’s not needed. No embellishment just one man’s contemplative view of life. The songs on Jim’s latest album ‘On Seeds and Shoes’ take you on a sometimes wistful, sometimes brooding but always thoughtful journey. The influence of American roots is so strong you can touch it. This artist expounds his stories through a genre that he’s clearly absorbed with a passion, and all you need to do is listen to share in that obsession.

From ‘Seeds Sown’ through ‘The Day Disappeared’ to ‘The Fox’s Bark’ and ‘Callow Eyes’ you’re listening to a man telling it how it is, there’s no holding back on what he sees and what he says. The emotions run from anger to sadness, resentment to acceptance, and without reservation you’ll fall beneath their influence. ‘On Seeds and Shoes’ launches on 21st June.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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