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Pocket-sized folk ‘taster’ EP - ‘The f Spot’ from Folkstock

(June 02, 2014)

Their mission statement includes the phrase ‘Opening opportunities for aspiring acoustic artists to fulfil their dreams’ … and since I first met Helen Meissner, the impetus behind Folkstock Arts The f Spot Folkstock EPFoundation at last year’s Folkstock Festival, I never experienced a single moment’s doubt about the potential for the concept. The journey continues with Folkstock Records, responsible for some outstanding folk artists, and for a pocket-sized folk ‘taster’ EP - ‘The f Spot’ - gives further exposure to some seriously skilled artists.

The EP brings together the talents of Zoe Wren within the soaring vocals and ominous portents of ‘Pandora’s Box’, Luke Jackson’s longing, image-rich narrative ‘Mary May’, and the softly wistful voice of Minnie Birch’ on ‘Castles’. There’s also the gentle examination of ‘Butterfly’ conveyed through Roxanne de Bastion’s distinctive vocals and the combination of Marina Florance and Ben Smith with the deep Americana-tinged sadness and fatalistic insights of ‘Getting Away’.

Tongue in cheek or simply one letter removed from that elusive zone, ‘The f Spot’ expounds precisely what Folkstock promises: ‘… nurture, mentor, produce and promote original acoustic talent.’ And should you be among the few that haven’t yet encountered the potency that is Folkstock then ‘The f Spot’, produced by Lauren Deakin Davies, is as a good an introduction as you could want.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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