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‘Desire Lines’ by David Newberry - lyrics that linger

(June 12, 2014)

With the EP ‘Desire Lines’ Canadian singer-songwriter David Newberry lays down something of David newberry desire linesa teaser. By the time it ends you’re already wanting more. With only five tracks on offer there’s no real time to get your head into the depth of this guy’s songwriting. And believe me there's some depths to explore. Sure, you can recognise a voice delivering true meaning to the songs, a voice that demands attention, and there’s also the thoughtful meaning of the lyrics, all there to be heard – the problem is you just want more.

The songs on this EP offer a calm sadness wrapped up in a tender understanding. There’s a kind of laconic despondency that accepts the harshness of reality, recognising life for what it is and what it offers. And that's not always what you want. Their messages tell stories that offer little encouragement yet their tales echo through the human condition in so many ways, there’s always that tiny flicker of hope that refuses to die. By far the strongest tracks on the EP, both lyrically and musically, are‘Observer’ with its mournful understanding of what it takes to deal with real life, the involving melodic hooks of ‘Shiny Pretty’ and the title track ‘Desire Lines’ – is certainly a song that touches a special nerve.

David Newberry writes songs with lyrics that linger, and sings them in a voice that stays with you. The feeling remains – and that means you want to hear more.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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