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‘To Miss Something So Beautiful’ by Dom Robinson - dreamy, wistful music

(June 17, 2014)

So what do you include when you assemble a new EP? One tactic is use it to take listeners as farDom Robinson To Miss Something So Beautiful as you can across the depth and breadth of your style and influences. The other is to pick and present four or five songs that represent what they should expect from your current output.

Dom Robinson, with his fourth EP ‘To Miss Something So Beautiful’ offers a collection of personal observations threaded around dreamy, wistful acoustic music, delivered through softly-layered, half-whispered, echoing vocals. Gently melodic and engaging but perhaps a little low on the attention-grabbing scale. The musicianship has a certain appealing edge and the messages are absorbing enough but little rivets the attention. The issue lies with the ‘sameness’ of the songs on this EP. They flow gently into each other, while the reflective vocals, pleasant enough, simply lack ‘bite’.

‘To Miss Something So Beautiful’ offers five tracks and the standouts are those that do just that - ‘stand out’ - the steady build and depth of ‘Bodies’ with its less minimalist approach prompts interest, and ‘Puppets’ makes moves to break out of the ‘sameness’ mould. I kept trying to hear where the music on this EP could go but right now that’s not easy. And that’s a shame because this man definitely has something to give with his music.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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