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‘A Brief Introduction To Failure’ by Daudi Matsiko - an EP that begs to be an album

(June 20, 2014)

If ever a recording had a misleading title, it’s this one - ‘A Brief Introduction To Failure’ by Daudi Matsiko is far removed from failure. If there’s any justice in this world it should be a storming Daudi Matsiko With a deft acoustic touch blended with electric accents and subtle dashes of sax and piano, this is an intriguing mix of folk, jazz and soul that delivers supremely attractive songs. Add Daudi’s softly articulated, almost transitory vocals delivering succinctly powerful lyrics and you have an EP that begs to be an album.

With only four tracks it’s hard to dig deep into what an artist has to offer. However, in this short EP Daudi lays down a marker that promises more. From the opening reflection and subtle influence of ‘Home’ through the acid-sharp lyrics of'You Can Do Better Than Me, But I Hope You Don't' with its trembling, searching vocals, to the expectation and pragmatism of ‘This Day’ and the soft sadness of ‘Houston In The Blind’ there’s a sense that leaves you wanting more. All the songs on ‘A Brief Introduction To Failure’ (chords, structure and lyrics) are written by Daudi and produced by Chris Boot and Ben Daniel. Interestingly, Daudi says he gave the musicians on the recording space to ‘do their own thing’ and come up with some interesting instrumental parts. For example: “… the bass part for "Houston In The Blind" was pretty much improvised. But the overall structure and form of the song all came out of my little head.”

On ‘A Brief Introduction To Failure’ there’s Daudi Matsiko (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, backing vocals) Chris Boot (percussion) Ben Daniel (double bass, electric bass, Ebow on electric guitar, piano, backing vocals) Ryan Buxton (electric guitar, additional percussion) and Dan Leavers (alto saxophone). You can find Daudi’s EP here:

 Hopefully there’s more to follow.

 Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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