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‘Cabin Fever’ from James Delarre and Saul Rose simply radiates class

(June 30, 2014)

The second this album opens you’re hooked. ‘Cabin Fever’ from James Delarre and Saul Rose builds upon the simple combination of fiddle and melodeon - rarely has that iconic grouping sounded so good. This is from James Delarre and Saul Rosean album from an English folk duo that blows dust from tradition and breathes in new life. The calibre of their pedigree is patently obvious (no need to list their previous experiences) from which involvements and sources they’ve developed their powerful presence and skills. Without argument, ‘Cabin Fever’ radiates class. This is masters of their art presenting what they do in faultless fashion.

The fare is rich and varied, effervescent morris tunes mix with scintillating waltzes and soulful laments, music from Australia rubs shoulders with Canada and Sweden, there’s trad arr mixed freely with self-penned. it's a depth and breadth that makes this album so alluring. Were I a betting man, I would put money on this becoming a landmark album. James and Saul deliver emotion-charged songs such as a re-worked ‘Lord Marlborough’ and the hard times of ‘Moreton Bay’, they add dimension to the delightful ‘Bell Towers/ The Orange in Bloom’ and with such delights as ‘The April March/ Ellen and Andy’s Celebration’ and ‘Sauteur Lapin/ Freca’ show the calibre of their original work.

If this form of ‘Cabin Fever’ is the result of two men working together, with restlessness replaced by creativity, then long may their association continue.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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