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‘Louder Than Your Drum’ by Louise Petit - songs that make you care

(June 30, 2014)

There’s something elementally attractive about Louise Petit’s voice and music. It’s not easy to classify Louder Than Your Drumand while you’re listening, it shifts, moves and changes shape. That’s not a negative, it is in fact a substantial part of the hook that pulls you into her album ‘Louder Than Your Drum’. Are you listening to indie pop or alt folk? Is it acoustic rock or Americana tinged folk? Actually, yes it’s all and yet no, none of the above. What it is however, is a collection of rich melodies and soul-bearing lyrics from a voice that offers soft engagement and quietly demands attention. The more you get into this album the more you find … and there's much in store.

Louise writes with a refreshing honesty. There are songs that take you closer to some hard narratives than you might perhaps care to be. That’s how this lady uses her songwriting skills - to lead you into her stories, cause you to become involved and make you become part of their outcome. Quite simply these are songs that make you care – ignore them you cannot, and nor should you. From ‘Happy Man’ with its straight-up understanding and infectious melody and the softly absorbing melancholy of ‘Louder Than Your Drum’, through the sombre reflection and brutal sincerity of ‘Knots Inside’ to the deeply touching deliberations within ‘Tree Song’ and ‘Away With The Day’, there’s a certain naivety in this music coupled with the weight of experience. Together that creates something you will want to hear.

Alongside Louise on ‘Louder Than Your Drum’ are Russ Sargeant (double bass) and Tim Heymerdinger (percussion) Stuart Colam (piano, organ) plus Sarka Skuckova (violin) Clare Alexander (viola) and Francis Atkinson (cello) and together they lay down a subtle involvement of music and harmonies. And when you hear ‘Damn This Part Of Me’ be prepared – it’s a penetratingly truthful song with sharp edges that cut deep. This is one album that’s definitely not a ‘maybe’ it’s a ‘must’.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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