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‘Ever After Land’ by Firedaze - ever-expanding directions of folk rock

(July 18, 2014)

Firedaze released their first album, ‘Triality’ back in 2008 and delivered a thumping, driving dose of folk rock … and then there was a silence. Now the silence is broken with the arrival of the second album, Firedaze Ever After Land‘Ever After Land’. Having just listened to their first album again and now this one, there’s a different feel to ‘Ever After Land’ - hardly surprising with six or more years between albums.

The drum barrage has gone, although String’s powerful bass remains yet somehow projects a wider scope to its range, Steff’s powerful vocals still carry the messages, while Jen’s razor-sharp fiddle cuts an unforgettable edge.

As the songs develop, whether hard-edged or soft, the solid though less-aggressive bass lines give the band a firm foundation over which to lay their vocals and harmonies and intense melodies. For those that know the band, there’s the familiar power and verve in tracks like ‘What I See’, the dance-driven ‘Drink!’ and the undiluted folk rock of ‘Friends Like These’. Then there’s a more mellow groove and subtler expression to tracks like ‘Angels With Broken Wings’, ‘Travellin’ and ‘Da’ in contrast to a darker and somewhat brooding side, evidenced through ‘Long Time Dead’ and ‘Dirty’.

Long-time Firedaze fans will find all they expect and more, those new to Firedaze will find the ever-expanding directions of folk rock can only benefit from albums like ‘Ever After Land’

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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