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‘Break & Bloom’ from Jane Kramer - profound statements and searching questions

(July 22, 2014)

The first thing that strikes with ‘Break & Bloom’ the new album from Jane Kramer is a voice that compels you to listen to the depth of feeling that pervades her songs. Then there are the piercing Break and Bloom janekramerlyrics that pour through the human condition relating stories, incidents and experiences that touch us. Add melodies that inspire and linger as they slide through your ears to fix themselves in your mind and you have an album that will stay with you for some time to come.

The themes shift across a selection of songs with messages that range through confusion and understanding, love and loss, honesty and reflection. Jane delivers them in a voice that moves faultlessly through her emotive lyrics to express scenes and disclose feelings with a startling honesty.

The arrangements are simple, precisely what’s needed to allow the poetic words space to be heard. There’s the quiet questing soul of ‘Georgia’, resigned acceptance mixed with personal resilience within ‘Nobody’s Woman Tonight’ and the deep-seated understanding of ‘Hold My Whiskey’ – a stunningly perceptive song. Listening to ‘Mourning Dove’ I found myself wandering down a sharp lane of memory, others will simply find it moving, while the gentle observations of ‘Plant Me A Willow Tree’ will take people places they’ve been before and will not fail to recognise.

‘Break & Bloom’ makes profound statements and asks searching questions as the artist takes the listener along on a personal journey that's easy to share.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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