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‘So Long Joan Fontaine’ from Bend The River - a band moving onwards and upwards

(July 23, 2014)

The second album from Bend The River delivers more of their unique mixing of folk, country and rock So Long Joan Fontaineplus whatever else their collective experience and influence adds to the mix.  The seemingly inexorable rise of bands ready to catch their inspiration from multiple sources in genre and time continues to dive the expansion of intriguing, innovative music, and ‘So Long Joan Fontaine’ is a prime example.

The overall impression is of relaxed, soulful, languid songs that remain ever ready to take to the air and soar at a moment’s notice. There’s a touch of nostalgic remembrance suffusing the emotive melodies and vocals. There’s also an inventive edge that simply attracts. From the unperturbed folk rock feel of ‘Jenny And The Night Before’ and the catchy hook of ‘The Hunter In Me’, through the mournful sadness of Becky Siamon’s vocals on ‘This Heart Of Mine’ to the pulsating and finely constructed ‘No One Else To Blame’ - another superb echo of that ‘time gone by’ feel. My personal favourites include the yearning ‘Half Of My Love’- an aching narrative that simply ‘hits the spot’, while the ‘looking back’ tale of the rock-edged ‘We Still Don’t Know’ catches that elusive time we’ve all known.

‘So Long Joan Fontaine’ follows their 2009 debut, Revolt of Angels, but takes the songwriting and composition to another whole level. This is an album that surely marks a band moving onwards and upwards.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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