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The Mothers - refreshing self-titled debut album

(July 25, 2014)

Another hard-to-classify album. And another refreshing sound. Drifting through narrative folk fused with Debut album from The Motherstouches of soft rock into a balladic style with silky harmonies, the self-titled album from The Mothersis thoroughly refreshing. New bands that show explicit freedom of expression without feeling the need to include an obligatory genre-defining edge, are to be honest, few and far between. The Mothers demonstrate their independence to deliver a clearly articulated style all their own … without a care about the definitions.

The opening track ‘Sophomore’ leads you in easily enough introducing only a touch of their uniqueness of style … then‘’93’ arrives to take a gentle but unexpected turn, and as with ‘The House’ offers fragile, intricate harmonies sweeping over simply produced yet intricate, guitar and keys arrangements to present their distinctive sound. Add the mellowness of understated yet involving bass and razor sharp percussion and you have a sound that engages and holds your attention. The Mothers are happy to let their invention take their songs where they want them to go. Listen to the construction of ‘Narcissus’ or ‘It Gets the Hose Again’ and you’re well on your way to identifying what makes The Mothers different.

The challenge is always the follow up to ‘something different’ … it will be interesting to hear where they go, but for now they’ve hit the spot with a debut album that is worth paying attention to. Oh by the way, that band photograph on the inner sleeve … smile guys, you have something to smile about.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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