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‘The Raven’s Song’ by Catherine MacLellan - unassuming frankness and pure sincerity

(July 25, 2014)

Catherine MacLellan is an exceedingly blessed singer-songwriter - she possess an unforgettable voice that simply breathes depth of feeling into her songs. The moment this album opens you know you’re by Catherine MacLellanlistening to something remarkable. The restrained arrangements, precise yet simple instrumentation with just enough accents to add to that distinctive charismatic voice. Her latest album, ‘The Raven’s Song’ offers riveting self-penned songs that quietly move through unassuming frankness and pure sincerity.

From the album’s title track, it’s a softly engaging ride through some mellow, laidback music with a lush, rich feel that warms and caresses. Without fear of contradiction, I commend you to lay down your troubles and let this music rinse away the day. Listening to the deeply moving empathy of ‘The Raven’s Song’, the restrained need within ‘Don’t Call Me Stranger’ or the supremely poignant ‘Gone Too Soon’ you’re straight away falling under this album’s spell.

There’s a harder, rockier edge to ‘Jack’s Song’ but the message is just as strong, the experience-echoes of ‘Rushing Winding Wind’ make their point through great guitar breaks and lovingly matched harmonies, and the directness of ‘Hold On’ surrenders its sadness with clear recognition.

‘The Raven’s Song’ is an album that slowly works its subtle magic into an enchantment that will always take you along.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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