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'You Got This’ from Haas Kowert Tice - steeped in tradition with an edge of innovation

(July 31, 2014)

An album of exceptional individuality and considerable attraction ‘You Got This’ from Haas Kowert Tice - that is Brittany Haas (fiddle) Paul Kowert (bass) and Jordan Tice (guitar) – is a collaboration You Got Thisthat creates something that’s equally steeped in tradition and at the same time walking the edge of innovation. From the historical roots of American music through unfettered improvisation to self-penned musical statements they craft music that implores you listen – while tracks like ‘Grandpa’s Cheesebarn’ hark back to the depths of tradition ‘Monkey Trouble’ takes in a myriad of influences.

The attraction of ‘You Got This’ works through an amalgamation of custom and invention, and the difference this creates. This exploration across the scope of their sound sometimes catches you unawares, setting off in unexpected directions. There’s a chance that some will find this disconcerting while most others will relish its freedom and unpredictability. Listening to tracks like ‘Better Off’ and ‘The Switchback Games’ takes you into their more multifaceted depths, while ‘El Camino’ and ‘Tell Me Whatcha Gonna Do Now’ lift the soul.

This is an album that should join your collection for those moments when only the ‘right’ music will do. Moments when your moods flit between extravagance to indulgence or discovery to creativity - ‘You Got This’ will be the perfect accompaniment.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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