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‘Chasing the Sun’ from Skerryvore - eminently listenable and highly memorable

(August 09, 2014)

The music of Skerryvore twists the roots of tradition around their own inventions crossing the Skerryvore chasing the sunthreads with a rock-infused pulse to create a sound that’s totally their own. Their latest album ‘Chasing the Sun’ shows a band totally in command of its music and maturing in the way that all things truly Scottish have a habit of doing to the continuing delight of the rest of the world. Most of the band have worked alongside each other for around decade and it shows – the interaction between them is reflected in the tightness and freedom of their performances and this album captures that smoothness and spontaneity.

The distinctive turn that Alec Daglish applies to all his compositions makes them both eminently listenable and highly memorable. With its call to make your voice heard, ‘Can You Hear Us?’ rips into its stride with a classic Skerryvore riff, powerful guitar presence and swirling instrumentation, there’s the same charisma to the hook-laden energy of ‘We Can Run’ and ‘You Don’t Know’ and the deeply moving ‘You Were My Friend’, in memory of Ross McFarlane. As always, there’s distinctive foot stomping instrumentals and a skirl of the pipes - the power of ‘The Rut’, the edgy ‘Oblique Blend’ and the jazzy, languid and layered ‘Moonraker’.

Skerryvore are Alec Dalglish (songwriter, lead vocals, guitar, mandolin) Daniel Gillespie (accordion) Martin Gillespie (bagpipes, whistles) Craig Espie (fiddle) Fraser West (drums, percussion) Jodie Bremaneson (bass) Alan Scobie (keys, percussion). Guest musicians Seonaidh MacIntyre (bagpipes) and the cottage studio peacock (backing vocals).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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