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‘September Road’ from Jane Thomason - image-forging lyrics laid across steel-stringed soundscapes

(August 17, 2014)

Distinctive voice, singular phrasing and engaging songs, that’s ‘September Road’ from Jane Thomason – an album that weaves through personal deliberations, observational imaginings and Jane Thomason - September Roadnarrative contemplation. The strength of its musings encompassed by image-forging lyrics laid across acute steel-stringed soundscapes.

From the first, ‘Tonight’ takes you straight into Jane’s characteristic approach to both lyrics and music, a style expanded through the title track, ‘September Road’. Throughout, Jane’s voice develops the messages and in turn serves as another instrument to embellish the guitar style, which adds a cutting edge to ‘Anon’ that’s entirely impossible to ignore. This album gives a noticeable impression of listening to poetry aided by music rather than songs – the feeling is more like integration of the adjacent to complete the whole, each element existing alone, yet coming together when need demands. That’s part of the attraction this album suggests, listening to these two essentials forming, moving, coalescing, parting and then coming together to form a fluid whole – ‘Red Man In The Sky’‘If Love’ and ‘Two Worlds’ are perfect examples.

The more you listen the more you’ll find the amalgam of voice and guitar becomes increasingly malleable and ductile – bending to your ears and stretching out its reach to draw you in. It took me a little while but it's worth going with the flow.

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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