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‘Thundercloud’ debut album from Michelle Plum and Nick B Hall - enveloping involvement

(August 23, 2014)

Listening to ‘Thundercloud’ for the last few days this album consistently prompts the same feeling. A distinctive yet ephemeral flow of moods through songs that exude compassion and Plumhall - Thundercloud - front coverempathy. This softly engrossing album creates a feeling of infinite peace, respite and tranquillity – even when it explores demanding lyrics. The debut album from Michelle Plum and Nick B Hall, ‘Thundercloud’ has an enveloping involvement that’s easily absorbed with captivating harmonies, beguiling hooks and involving lyrics.

 Their thoughtful, meticulous style perfectly blends acoustic, folk and rockier-influences driving deeply felt words over an intricate musical web. There’s energy flowing through tracks like ‘Thundercloud’ and the reflective look at love of ‘The Space Between’. You’ll find the stark simplicity of ‘No Fear’ with Michelle’s plaintive vocal contrasting with the sombre Americana-tinged truth of ‘10,000 Locks’ or the rockier edges of the catchy ‘Exit From The Light’and the longing of ‘Learning How To Talk’.  Listening to their vocals and harmonies is pure pleasure, two voices intermingling to create a soundscape devoid of audible seams.

Playing on Thundercloud are Michelle Plum (vocals, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, tambourine, piano, bell tree, glockenspiel, percussion) and Nick B Hall (vocals, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, mandolins, mandola, tenor guitar, ukulele, ebow guitar, bouzouki, Spanish guitar) aided across various tracks by David Crickmore (bass guitar, lap steel, pedal steel, mandola, mandolin, melodeon, electric guitar, autoharp, piano, 12-string acoustic guitars, programming, wind machine) Chris Bunyan (drums, percussion, tambourine) David Hartley (pedal steel) Gerry McNeice (bass guitar) Mick Bedford (drums) David Hornberger (cello) Dave Mastrocola (bass guitar) Charlie Daykin (keyboard) Betty Echo (harp).

Lush music that reaches out to invite you bask in its embrace, ‘Thundercloud’ releases 1 September - pre-order via Proper Music, Amazon, iTunes and others. Find it here:

 Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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