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‘Love We Are Love’- breath taking debut from The Sea The Sea

(August 28, 2014)

The press release profiles this music as alternative folk-pop, be that as it may, singer-songwriter Love We Are Loveduo Chuck E. Costa and Mira Stanley, known as The Sea The Sea have launched a debut album that demands wider attention. There’s a presence to ‘Love We Are Love’ – and if this is folk pop, then this album delivers levels of lyrical and musical depth that considerably expands the genre.

The strength of this album lies in the faultless mixing of voices. Turning this interdependence into intricate reflections and precise observations they offer songs that both question and explain. There’s the frighteningly simple emotion of ‘Re: Blah’ or the directness of ‘Guess It Was’, the also the enchanting vocal dexterity of ‘Love We Are Love’‘In The Dark’ and ‘Watertreader’ with the creation of sublime musical tapestries building around their voices. This is a 'sea of sound' that seduces. There’s really only one thing to do, and that’s let the sea wash over you.

For those interested, the singular band name comes from Greek soldier and mercenary Xenophon, who wrote ‘Anabasis’, a harrowing tale of thousands of soldiers stranded deep in enemy territory, fighting their way across deserts and mountains to the safety of Black Sea shoreline cities. And the cry the men raised to anticipate salvation and return to life was “The Sea, The Sea!” This duo writes songs that create a similar sense of having found something wonderful and breath taking – listen to ‘Love We Are Love’ and you may well exclaim “This is great!”

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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