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‘New Lady on the Prairie’ from Canadian singer-songwriter Lizzy Hoyt

(September 05, 2014)

Canadian singer-songwriter Lizzy Hoyt has a voice that slips gently into your ears, tantalises you lizzy hoytto listen, then once you do you’re hooked. Her latest album ‘New Lady on the Prairie’ delivers elusive, inspired fiddle, guitar and accordion alongside soft delicate vocals. There’s a combination of influences and heritage at work here that moves through bluegrass and Celtic-touched folk, worked together to express a fine feel for lyric and melody that makes ‘New Lady on the Prairie’ a definite winner.

The album opens with the title track ‘New Lady on the Prairie’ - a softly alluring introduction to this lady’s talents. The engagement continues through a rather more country-tinged feel with ‘Movement Never Lies’, while a delicious melody carries ‘The Pantheon’. Throughout this album the blend continually attracts with songs that tell tales we can all recognise. The narratives move with unerring accuracy – the simple understanding of ‘Next To Me’, the desperate longing within ‘Wars of Germany’ or the loving delivery of tradition with ‘The Blacksmith’, and for a deft touch on the fiddle take in ’Jubilee Reel’.

In summary, I found this album supremely attractive and you should believe me when I say that you will too.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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