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‘Greatest Hits’ from Levellers - it really is all there

(September 07, 2014)

Levellers launch a new album on 29 September - 'Greatest Hits' - and anyone who has ever Levellers-greatest hitsraged and seethed along with the band will love it. Too often, albums with the word ‘greatest’ in the title don’t actually deliver, something fundamental gets lost on the way. Fair enough, with such offerings one can expect to find the ‘favourites’ but with unerring inevitability you’ll also find a goodly number of ‘fillers’. That’s not just covers and re-mixes it’s tracks that could not be called ‘greatest’ even if one stretched the bounds of credulity. No problem here - the Levellers‘Greatest Hits’ is a two-CD/ DVD set that includes all the singles and videos together for the first time, and speaking as a long-time Levellers fan, with ‘Greatest Hits’, it really is all there.

From folk-punk angst-riven roots through wider political denouncements to recipes for taking a stance and ‘living life as she is lived, everything you would want is ready to rip its way into your ears. In the highly unlikely event that you don’t know the band or their music (you really must live in a cave) this is the very best of introductions, for those that know the Levellers of old this has to join your collection.

Take your pick: ’Carry Me’, ‘One Way of Life’‘Hope Street’, ‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘Julie’ to ‘Truth Is’, ‘Cholera Wall’ and ‘This Garden’ it’s all there.As an added bonus, ‘Greatest Hits’ also includes stunning reworks of Levellers’ classics in collaboration with fellow artists such as Imelda May adding bite to 'Beautiful Day', Frank Turner making 'Julie' his own, typical Bellowhead on 'Just The One' and Billy Bragg’s voice perfectly fitting the message of 'Hope Street'.

 No matter if you have every album (I do) ‘Greatest Hits’ from Levellers is a must. Look for it here:

 Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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