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Lainie & The Crows - new EP ‘Chemical Rest’ - something good going on here

(October 01, 2014)

This EP is an intro to Edinburgh-based five-piece Lainie & The Crows. It touches on their scope but I would like to The Crows - new EP Chemical Resthear more. Four short tracks forge a mix that includes obvious touches of Americana, a tinge of country-rock and a soupcon of psychedelic folk. Not the longest EP in the world, I had to replay the opener twice before I realised that’s all there is to 'Sun Rising' with wavering psych-folk chants that stop just as soon as it begins to get interesting.

They follow with 'Mr Right Now' blending organ-wash with vibrant guitar overlaid by longing female vocals. Definitely something going on here but they’re finishing songs just as the intrigue level is rising – do we have a trend here? Next, they move to 'Biding my Time', mixing country-rock with a banjo drive, only to end with what’s best described as a mellow folk rock narrative 'Dream Away' that includes more touches of psychedelia, and tells the story of Dr James Young Simpson's discovery of chloroform in 1847, and experimenting by inhaling the fumes of an unknown chemical – sounds familiar but to say more could be incriminating.
Lainie & The Crows are Lainie Urquhart (vocals) Chris Reeve (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, harmonica, banjo) Neil Collman (vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar) Ian Brown (acoustic guitar) and Andy Glover (drums, percussion). The release ‘Chemical Rest’ on 22 November at the Mash House, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh. As I said there’s something good going on here, but I guess we wait for the album to really get inside their music.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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