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‘North Star’ by Kyle Carey - a special album with an inherent magic

(October 03, 2014)

Kyle Carey is one of a unique group of artists whose work spans the Celtic-American bridge with consummate skill and dexterity, combining genuine feel for and immersive appreciation of both Kyle Carey North Starcultures. Traditions as old as the hills are wound carefully around an equally proud, although younger, heritage to the outright benefit of both. Her latest album ‘North Star’ is one of those special albums that offers its own inherent magic. Once heard, you’re captivated.

Kyle refers to her music as Gaelic Americana, and for me that’s a perfect description. Combining the passions and belief of nations always more than ready to put their narratives, traditional and contemporary into song, is nothing new but just occasionally someone mixes the blend in a way that sets their music apart from others. Listen to ‘North Star’ and you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. With a richly emotive voice that I could listen to for hours this lady breathes life into every phrase.

Highlight songs include the longing and hope within ‘Casey Jones Whistle Blow’, a tough message over gorgeous melody in ‘Nora O’Kane’, the soul-catching tale of‘Wind Through Casper’ and the beautifully crafted sorrow of ‘North Star’ – to be honest they’re pure joy for your ears. Personally, I fell for both ‘Winter Fever’, an exquisite song that seeps into your soul and makes it its home, and what must certainly become a ‘yard-stick’ take on Kate Wolf’s ‘Across The Great Divide’, against which to measure all other covers.

‘North Star’ is produced by Seamus Egan and fetures an impressive selection musicians that includes Dirk Powell, Catriona McKay, Natalie Haas, Chris Stout, Josienne Clarke, Ben Walker, Craig Werth, Natalie Haas and more.

Find Kyle Carey and ‘North Star’ here: … you will be so glad you did.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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