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‘Best Medicine’ from The Stray Birds - inspired and original folk Americana

(October 05, 2014)

First heard The Stray Birds through their EP ‘Echo Sessions’ and now here comes the album Stray Birds-Best Medicine‘Best Medicine’ releasing on 21 October, and just as hoped it’s all there only more so, from razor sharp harmonies to sparkling musical dexterity. There’s a depth to their melody-rich music that's reflected through a commanding ability to write songs that demand attention and a delivery that lifts them way above the ordinary. The album comprises ten self-penned originals and two ‘traditionals’, and makes a statement that should see their reputation continue to grow.

The opportunity to have three lead voices isn’t one to miss. There’s the opulent vocal on the title track, ‘Best Medicine’that pretty much says all it needs to: “If the body is a temple the soul is a bell that’s why music is the best medicine I sell.” From there you’re into such pleasures as ‘Feathers and Bone’ with its musical and lyrical web, the seductive‘Never For Nothing’ and the sharp truth and mournful scrutiny of ‘Stolen Love’. The Stray Birds have developed a style that’s both different and fresh. Imagination pours through every song, both originals and ‘trads’, all taken to places both engaging and engrossing.

The Stray Birds, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are Maya de Vitry (vocals, guitar, banjo, fiddle, piano) Oliver Craven (vocals, guitar, resonator guitar, fiddle) and Charles Muench (vocals, bass, banjo). If you like inspired and original folk Americana, then give them a listen.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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