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‘Something To Someone’ - Run Boy Run - expertly mixing bluegrass, folk and old time American

(October 16, 2014)

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat myself - every time I hear the phrase: There ain’t nothing new in Something to Someone Run Boy Runbluegrass, hear one you’ve heard ‘em all” - I find myself heading towards incensed annoyance. It’s as inaccurate as comments like ‘folk is only from the past’ and ‘only old folk play folk’. To correct that erroneous observation one more time listen to Run Boy Run from Tucson, Arizona and switch on to their album ‘Something To Someone’. They work their craft through a blend that expertly mixes bluegrass, folk and old time American to create a fresh feel and deliver a feast of acoustic music that’s content to work with the tradition of the Appalachian South and equally exuberant to invent and innovate.

Listening to the three-lead female vocals, faultless harmonies and the body-hugging symbiosis between these musicians is something rather special, perhaps a level of tight-fitting unity best achieved through family connections. That’s because Run Boy Run are siblings Matt Rolland (fiddle, guitar) and Grace Rolland (cello, vocals), sisters Bekah Sandoval Rolland (fiddle, vocals) and Jen Sandoval (mandolin, vocals), and Jesse Allen (bass).

From the outset, ‘Under the Boughs’ breezes in sparkling and sprightly, ‘A Dream in the Night’ is suffused with tender vocals and gentle melody, while the poignant‘Spin a Golden Thread’ and compassionate ‘Heavy the Sorrow’ hold you captive with their mix of voices and musical weave. And when you get to the title track‘Something to Someone’ with its ever-building layers you’ll find an experience that you really should hear.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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