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‘Songs from the Well’ - Marca Cassity - mileposts on journeys, moments of learning and wisdom-forging encounters

(October 16, 2014)

There’s tangible spirit running through ‘Songs from the Well’ by Marca Cassity, a deep earthy feel that echoes roads travelled and times shared. Engendered by a combination of her Osage IndianMarcaCassitySongs From The Well ancestry and heritage, the songs relate tales marking mileposts on journeys, moments of learning and wisdom-forging encounters. Marca states: The songs are inspired by my fascination of how we as people overcome hardship, and find resilience in our creative, powerful, and beautiful ways.” And to be honest, those are better words than I could write to describe what you hear on ‘Songs from the Well’.

It’s not hard to feel Marca’s enduring love and respect for life-force flowing through every track, with a roots-inspired folk rock style that makes her songs enduringly attractive. Clearly, it’s taken time, endurance and a certain inner-strength to articulate these stories. Told with no holding back on expression, no fear to say what has to be said and no hint of compromise. Listen to the opener, ‘Hallelujah’ laid across a moody pulsing rhythm and meditate on its hope for the future, take in the penetrating edge of ‘Free’ with haunting backing vocals, and bathe your ears in revelation-filled emotionwith‘Disasters’. Throughout ‘Songs from the Well’ Marca uses the full depth of her voice to build the strength of her songs -‘Goodbye’ and ‘Raven’ show the power, while mellower ‘Tree’ and ‘Declaring’ expose a more pensive edge.

Musicians on ‘Songs from the Well’ are: Marca Cassity (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals) Adam Levy (acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals) Dawn Richardson (drums, percussion) Paul Olguin (bass) and Julie Wolf (Hammond B3, Rhodes, piano, wurlitzer, accordion, backing vocals) with Michaelle Goerlitz (tambourine, shakers, tan tan, triangle, cymbals, shekere) Green Huse and Rachel Garlin (backing vocals) plus Cici Kinsman and Ellen Cassity (hand claps) James Gregory and Tavish Kelly (dance bells). 

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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