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'Chasing Ghosts' – The Colin Holt Band - spirit of tranquillity, reflection and resilience

(November 03, 2014)

One result of ‘musical fusion’ is the predominance of one influence, not necessarily to the Chasing Ghosts the Colin Holt Banddetriment of others, it’s just the crossing point often switches strongly in favour of one, and ‘Chasing Ghosts’ from The Colin Holt Band is a prime example. You could call this album folk-jazz. Well you could, but that would be something of a stretch. It has a jazz drive with inclinations to folk and hints of acoustic soft-rock. There’s also a host of other influences. All of which is somewhat superfluous because music lives or dies on the moods it creates and given this album creates an eminently listenable, supremely soothing feel, classifying ‘Chasing Ghosts’ becomes needless.

The laid back atmosphere is generated by quietly-delivered vocals, warm relaxed bass lines, discerning keyboards and mellifluous saxophone. That mix contributes to the album’s spirit of tranquillity, reflection and resilience. The title track couldn’t be more carefree if it tried, sliding quietly ‘Easier To Find’ expresses Holt’s songwriting skill with its contemplative view, ‘Next Time’ and ‘Small Town Boy’ drift towards a more acoustic ballad feel with sax accents, while‘In The Long Run’ offers a striking string-driven petition to understanding. With the stilled ambiance moderated by a stronger percussive edge ‘Bad Weather’ makes a clear mark, while ‘Carry Me Home’  maintains the compassionate tone with its memories.

I’ve just listened to their previous album, ‘Reminiscence Deftly Trips’ – it’s clear that ‘Chasing Ghosts’ moves the band in a new direction – some will jump on others might pause, all depends on your frame of mind. For my money ‘Chasing Ghosts’ a place of repose that I will revisit.

Playing on ‘Chasing Ghosts’ are Colin Holt (lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars) Adam Nolan (piano, keyboards) Miles Keith (acoustic, nylon and electric guitars, backing vocals) Doug Tones (drums, percussion) Phil Udall (fretted and fretless bass) with the added talents of (Snake Davis (saxophones) Sarah Elizabeth Crossan (violin) and Nev Reed (electric rhythm and lead guitar).

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