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‘No sense of time’ from Hollow – intriguing, distinctive and a touch of left-field

(November 19, 2014)

Options residing within the description ‘alternative folk’ are wide and varied, they have been since such unbounded classification was first coined. Bands and albums that position themselves No Sense of Time - Hollowthus or become characterised as such, range from occasionally distinctive to the far edge of bizarre, from often intriguing to sometimes obscure, from bordering on ‘left-field’ to not on any recognisable field at all. ‘No sense of time’ the debut album from Newcastle Upon Tyne-based Hollow approaches intriguing, borders distinctive and hovers around the periphery of left-field for good measure.

There’s a clean minimalism to this album that enables voices and instruments to mingle with an uncomplicated ease. The lead vocal imparts a yearning echo to the storytelling, which when combined with the ethereal backing vocals gives the album an easy engagement. ‘No sense of time’ delivers an unpretentious mix of songs of a pastoral wistful quality with a certain concentration but without overt production. The opening track ‘Soul Pollution’ is a perfect introduction to their vocal approach and what to expect from the album, there’s also the cry against commercialism with ‘We Know’, a meandering reflection in ‘Frustration’, the gentle enquiry of ‘Special Day’ and perhaps the most attractive song ‘Here Comes The Rain’with its note of warning.

One point of concern is the question - ‘too much of the same?’ The album reaches a certain point and seems to stay there. Hollow may have more to give, and based on ‘No sense of time’ it’s a fair bet that it will be worth waiting for.

Hollow are Mark (vocals, guitar and ‘stuff’) Patrick (bass) Iwan (electric guitar) Jamie (violin) Beth (backing vocals).

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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