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‘Keep Right Away’ from Daniel Meade - you’re going to be at one with this

(November 21, 2014)

Here we go again, another outing into Americana by an artist from these islands, Glasgow to be precise. And it’s another example of how to make a great impression in any genre. Arrive with bag Daniel Meade albumloads of talent, possess pretty damn fine songwriting skills, turn out killer riffs and recruit a ‘wish-list’ of musicians to deliver an attention-grabbing album. ‘Keep Right Away’ from Daniel Meade is a ‘drop-dead striking collection’ of thirteen roots-music tracks blending distillations of country and blues that either charge-in to tear you from your chair or infuse powerful messages that cut to the heart.

 Whether you want to jump along with step-inducing reveries like ‘Long Gone Wrong’‘Trying’ and ‘Livin’ On Tootsie Time’ or lay your soul on the sorrowful echoes of ‘Sometimes a Fool’s the Last to Know’, ‘Always Close to Tears’, and the reality of‘Not My Heart Again’ there’s an edge to this album that’s hard to ignore – not that anyone would want to. From the tough love of ‘The Hangman Blues’ throughthe reflections of ‘Mexico’ to the exuberance of ‘Sing it Loud’ there’s a rich mix to enjoy.

Should you find yourself with the chance to listen to this album then my view is either pour a couple of cold ones or a few fifths of rye and sink into ‘Keep Right Away’. You’re going to be at one with this album in no time. More information here:

The musicians on ‘Keep Right Away’ are Daniel Meade, Chance McCoy, Cory Younts, Joshua Hedley, Aaron Oliva, Chris Scruggs and Lloyd Reid, with guests Diana Jones, Shelly Colvin, Critter Fuqua and Morgan Jahnig.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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