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'Take Yo Time’ - roots music duo Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons

(December 08, 2014)

If ever there was an album that presents an all-involving ‘feel-good’ edge to it then this one is right Take Yo Time album coverup there with the best of the breed. And that’s its alchemy. Whichever way these two guys decide to deliver their music satirical and picturesque or slow and sorrowful, it’s going to get to you. Northwest roots music duo Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons make their album, ‘Take Yo Time’, sound so vital and so close to you it’s like you’re sitting there with them. Kicked back on the porch, watching and doing nothing as the sun slides into its bed or thinking about yesterday without waiting for tomorrow, whatever moods this album conjures, become at one with it and before too long everything’s alright with the world..

It doesn’t really matter how you take this music. And it’s not that important. Call it blues if you will or folk if that suits you better but those are just convenient boxes and categories for you to use. This is elemental music delivered by artists unafraid to walk through the corridors of their traditions picking and choosing as they go, and making what they choose come to life. From ‘Mississippi Heavy Water Blues’ and ‘House Carpenter’ to ‘Long Tall Mama’ or ‘Buck Rag’ and ‘Broke Down Engine Blues’ to ‘Tom Dooley’ there’s a fiddle, a banjo and two friends wandering along being at one with their music and as happy as can be.

There’s nothing else you need this evening except perhaps a jar or two nearby. Listen to ‘Take Yo Time’ and you’ll agree.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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