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‘Like Noah’s Dove’ by Mariénne Kreitlow – a discriminating magic

(December 08, 2014)

Some things just do you good, simple as that. Some artists touch your soul. Some songs just have to be heard, you’re poorer without them, and ‘Like Noah’s Dove’ by Mariénne Kreitlow, doesNoahs-Dove album cover exactly that. It’s one of those albums you simply have to hear and once you do, you won’t easily forget it. Songwriter, composer, poet and playwright (were that not enough) Mariénne employs all her skills with this album to mix traditionals and originals into a collection that holds from the first note to the last.

Each of these songs possesses its own distinctive, discriminating magic - through poetry, melody, lyric and composition there’s always a facet that glitters brightly. This classic collection of re-interpreted and re-arranged folk music is like a cask of precious gems, wherever you look there’s a jewel waiting to be discovered. From her beautiful take on the ‘getting children to sleep’ memories of Eugene Field’s ‘Wynken, Blynken and Nod’ through the deep-set sadness of ‘The Dink’s Song’ to Woody Guthrie’s powerful lyrics in ‘Deportee (Plane Crash at Los Gatos) there’s an abiding heritage that endures, and it's delivered to perfection.

There’s not a moment when you switch off. The combination of voice, piano and guitar is precise and carefully crafted as Mariénne displays a musical touch and voice that inspires. Contributors on ‘Like Noah’s Dove’ include Randy Sabien (violin) Ann Heymann (Gaelic harp) Ray Dillard (percussion) and Max Dyer (cello) – together with Mariénne they build this album with a breadth and depth that makes it something you have to hear.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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